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Corporate Letting: A Smarter Alternative to Airbnb Management

Hosting your property on Airbnb can earn less than you expect. You could earn more with Corporate Letting, and benefit from longer-term, more professional tenants.


I have been renting my property with Flex Living since 2019 and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with the company, I have not had a single issue with them. They decorated my flat really well, it looks much nicer now, and every time I do an inspection, the place is immaculate, they also resolve maintenance issues promptly. I was never charged when their team intervenes to fix problems.


Fixed Income Analyst

Flex Living have managed my property in West Kensington for over two years and I've been very happy with the service they provide. The property is kept in very good condition and any problems/minor repairs are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. The contract I have with them allows for more flexibility than a standard AST, a reassuring 'plus' in the face of mounting uncertainty in the Private Rental Sector.

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Property Developper

As I live in Germany, it has been very convenient for me to work with Flex Living, I have been letting both my properties to them since December 2019. As a landlord, I am very impressed and happy with my arrangement with the Flex team, they not only guarantee a stable long term tenancy, but they also deal with most maintenance issues free of charge and I have never had any issue with their corporate clients. Highly recommended company.

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Annie Melnic

Consumer Centric Innovator

I've been a professional landlord for 25 years and a member of NRLA (I was the NLA's East London spokesperson). I have trusted Flex Living with several of my properties in South Hackney for over 2 years and can attest to their competence and service. Any problems have been resolved quickly and professionally.  I recommend Flex Living because they are one of the few companies that actually do exactly what they say on the tin.

Jeremy Hall

Professional Landlord

Try Our Alternative to Airbnb Management

Join the new wave of landlords and earn the same with less hassle using our corporate letting services
With the Flex Living Model, landlords earn up to 25% more on their properties.  

2 Bedroom Flat in E1 Case Study

  • Gross Annual Rent
  • Agency Fees
  • Void Periods
  • Maintenance Costs

High street agents

$ /month
  • £ 30,000
  • 10% + VAT
  • 6%
  • 2.5%

Flex living fixed rent

$ /month
  • £ 30,000

Landlord Smarter, Not Harder

Say goodbye to expensive letting agents and management companies. Join the new wave of landlords and let your property to Flex Living on a guaranteed rent scheme at no extra cost! Save on fees and boost your rental revenue by up to 25%.

2 Bedroom Flat in E1 Case Study
High street agents
Flex living fixed rent
Gross Annual Rent
£ 30,000
£ 30,000
Agency Fess
10% + VAT
Void Periods
Maintenance Costs
Net Income
£ 23,850
£ 30,000
25% Higher

How It Works

Our alternative model to Airbnb Management provides fixed monthly income for landlords for up to 5 years at the market price and with 0% property management fees. We serve our corporate partners who pay for our services to host their employees for the duration of their projects or as part of relocation packages when moving to new cities like London and Barcelona. Unlike your traditional Airbnb agency, we are truly invested in making sure your property stays in good condition 24/7. We provide weekly cleaning services, monthly inspection checks and maintenance callouts, all free of charge.

Tenants Placed
0 +
Rent Paid
0 M+
Properties by 2024

Guaranteed Rent

Receive fixed rental income each month with no interruption, even if the property is vacant

No Airbnb Management Fees

Save up to £3,744* per year on Agency Fees. We pay the market rent with no hidden costs

No Voids

Bank an extra 6% per year with no loss of income when your property is empty

Free 24/7 Maintenance

Our in-house team handles any maintenance issues at no further costs

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Compare Airbnb Management To Corporate Lettings

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Compare Our Model To the Market

Fill in the form and download a PDF with a full comparison between high street property managers and Flex Living's guaranteed rent scheme.

Our Corporate Clients

Unlike traditional Airbnb property managers, who host unvetted guests on short stays, we establish trusted partnerships with our Corporate Partners. Through these partnerships, we find tenants who require quality living spaces in prime locations.

We Transform Your Property

Our team of interior designers and decorators will transform your property into a premium listing free of charge. From feature walls and artwork to the latest gadgets, we have it covered. We spend on average £5,000 per property, elevating your home to the next level.
Unlike us, traditional Airbnb property managers usually charge extra for these services.

How to Become a Flex Living Landlord: NEXT STEPS

Get in Touch

Complete the 'get a valuation' form at the top of the page and our team will get in touch as soon as possible

Let's Chat

We’ll arrange a brief call to go through the basics and learn more about your property

Property Viewing

A member of our team will view the property and determine if it meets our corporate letting standards

Contract Signature

We agree on the terms of service and sign a mutually beneficial contract before our move in date

Time to Decorate

Our design team will transform your property into a bespoke living space with new feature walls, artwork, premium furniture and the latest technology

Sit Back & Relax

You’ll receive your monthly rental income like clockwork, and we’ll handle the rest

Your questions answered

Ready to get started but still have questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions to our team.

We offer our clients a hassle-free and flexible renting model that includes:

  • 0% Management Fees – We don’t take any ‘agency fees’.
  • 0% Voids – Never miss out on rental income with our commitment to guaranteeing rent every month of our agreement.
  • Expert Property Management & Maintenance – We regularly check the state of the property with weekly cleaning and conduct all minor repairs free of charge
  • Free Property Upscaling – Our exceptional team of interior designers and decorators will transform your property into a modern living space and significantly increase its value.


We partner with corporations to find professional, fully vetted tenants to live in your property. Our tenants work in a range of industries from finance and consulting to insurance and media.

Our tenants stay on flexible monthly contracts lasting anywhere from a month to 2 years.

Our contracts last from a minimum of 3 years up to a maximum of 15 years.

Our income comes from agreements with our corporate partners who secure their employee’s accommodation. This is why we can offer landlords prime value for rent with 0% fees and voids.

Our model offers substantial long-term benefits to landlords including:

  • Lower Risk: Corporate tenancies are better guarantors of on-time rental payments with significantly lower voids than regular tenancies. Flex Living takes it even further, guaranteeing rent for every month of your agreement and paying it in advance, with 0% voids or deductions to your rent in management fees.
  • Less Stress: Flex Living takeover management for your property, allowing our landlords to sit back and watch the rent roll in every month! We only contact you about major incidents or repair work concerning your property, taking care of the rest (including the tenants) free of charge.
  • More Flexible Renting: Compared with standard assured shorthold tenancies, corporate lets involve less eviction protection for tenants, meaning agreements are much easier to end and you will not have to go through a lengthy process to get your property back! Flex Living has no fees or costs associated with ending agreements
  • Weekly Cleaning & Property Care: We clean all our properties every week using professional cleaners. Additionally, we carry out maintenance checks every month and fix minor repairs without any extra charge or cost to the landlord.

Flex Living is not a HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) company, so we let all our properties as whole units. We do not partner with landlords operating HMOs or place any of clients inside a HMO for accommodation purposes.

Our skilled property management team apply stunning custom designs to every property at no extra cost. We upscale and refurbish the space, adding new wall paints, artwork and the latest technology to increase both aesthetic and rental market value.

Holding deposits protect landlords from unpaid rents and damage to properties that may typically arise with Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (ASTs). Due to the individual nature of AST tenants, there is a higher flight risk or failure to pay rent.

However, as an established company, Flex Living contracts do not hold the same risk and we therefore do not provide deposits designed to protect risks found in AST agreements.

The company is legally liable to fulfil its obligations regarding property upkeep and timely rental payments. We have a reputation to uphold that is valued over any minor savings resulting from a failure to cover our responsibilities.

Unlike ASTs, all Flex Living contracts permit landlords to re-enter their properties within a short period and with no eviction proceedings, so there is minimal risk for Flex Living landlords.

Our design team will often renovate your property. If we upgrade your furniture, any new replacements we install will belong to you at the end of the term. Ensure you notify us of any items you wish to keep.

As a landlord you must:

  • Provide accurate and up-to-date certification for your property when a tenant moves in, including: EPC, Gas Safety and EICR certificates.
  • Notify Flex Living about any issues with the property’s safety or certification before we move anyone into the property.
  • Carry out all necessary work to ensure the property meets the government recommendations for safety and performance if required to do so

Any insurance the landlord decides to take out protecting the contents of a property is completely discretionary and not part of any agreement with Flex Living. The landlord is not liable for any of the tenant’s possessions at the property.

However, all of our landlords are responsible for Buildings Insurance where not provided under a service agreement with a building management company.

Landlords may wish to seek additional cover under a Landlord’s Insurance policy, however, this is not mandatory.

We don’t require an inventory report upon taking over a property, however, we can carry out an inventory report on your behalf if requested.

Flex Living pays for all utility bills and council tax at the property. We request that our landlords to keep the council tax under their name throughout the agreement. Like the rent, we will pay for the cost of council tax upfront ahead of each month.

The Landlord is responsible for the service charge and ground rent if the property is owned under a leasehold agreement.

  •  Our maintenance team carries out an initial inspection as soon as an issue becomes apparent, this is free of charge and 90% of issues are fixed on the spot without having to schedule another visit. 
  •  If we cannot repair the issue we will seek to use external contractors at fair market rates
  •  We notify the Landlord as soon as a contractor is required, providing an opportunity to source your own contractor or seek the use of an insurance policy if necessary. 
  •  Where the cost of repair is expected to exceed £250 we will seek the Landlord’s approval to proceed
  • We minimise the need to pay call-out charges by sending members of our own property maintenance team first to assess the problem. This offers further savings to landlords on potentially expensive chargers just to check for easily fixable problems!

Where would you like to replace your airbnb manager with Flex Living corporate letting services?

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