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Guaranteed Rent - The New Wave of Property Rental

Flex Living offers guaranteed rent to Landlords for up to 5 years, with 0% Management Fees and covers all maintenance and operational issues at no further costs.

New Wave of Property Management - 0% Fee

Get a property valuation in a matter of clicks

Find the ideal tenant in London and maximise your rental income

Flex Living provides landlords, real estate developers, and property owners secure rental income by leasing appartments directly.

New Wave of Property Management - 0% Fee

Get a property valuation in a matter of clicks

Way Better Than Letting Agents

Flex Living offers 5 years + tenancies, we do not charge management fees, and we operate our in-house maintenance team and do not charge you for repairs.

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Guaranteed Rent

Receive fixed rental income each month with no interruption, even if the property is vacant.

No Agent Fees

Save up to £3,744* per year on Agency Fees. We pay the market rent with no hidden costs

No Voids

Bank an extra 6% per year with no loss of income when your property is empty

Free 24/7 Maintenance

Our in-house team handles any maintenance issues at no further costs

New wave of property management 0%
Fees & No Hidden costs

Earning Landlords up to 25% More on Their Property

Hoxton Case Study

  • Gross Annual Rent
  • Agency Fess
  • Void Periods
  • Maintenance Call Outs

High street agents

$ / month
  • £ 30,000
  • 10%
  • 8%
  • 2.5%

Flex living fixed rent

$ / month
  • £ 30,000
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0

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Guaranteed Rent - 0% Fees & No Hidden costs

We Get Paid By Our Corporate Clients

We build long term partnerships with corporate clients to host their employees for the during of the projects in the cities where we operate. Our clients require high standards living spaces in strategic locations with 24/7 services.

We Transform Your Property

Our team of interior designers and decorators will transform your property into a premium listing. From feature walls & artwork to the latest gadgets, we have it covered. We spend on average £5,000 for each new property we lease to get it up to our standards

How it Works?

Get in Touch

Complete the form at the top of the page and our Real Estate team will get in touch as soon as possible

Property viewing

We’ll arrange a brief call to go through the basics and arrange a viewing then send you an offer within 24h

Contract Signature

We will agree on the terms of service and both parties sign a mutually beneficial contract

Time to Decorate

Our design team will get transform your property into a bespoke living space with new features walls, art work, premium furniture and the latest technology

Ready for Move in

Now that your property has been transformed into a dream living space, our clients are ready to move in!

Sit Back & Relax

You’ll receive your monthly guaranteed rent like clockwork,and we’ll handle the rest.

Your questions answered

Ready to get started but still have questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions to our team.

If your property matches our criteria, we would make you an offer to rent it on a long term contract.

– You will benefit from a long term, hassle free tenancy with no void or changeovers.
– Our interior designers decorate our properties to the highest standards, including fresh paints, repairs, art frames, new cushions and decorative materials… this would add significant value to your property.
– We do not charge any management fees and would coordinate any repair free of charge.
– We provide weekly cleaning to maintain all our properties at high standards.
– We conduct monthly maintenance checks and take care of any small repairs.

Flex Living partners with corporates such as PwC, UBS, KPMG… to host consultants travelling to London for the purpose of work. During COVID 19 outbreak, Flex Living model shifted to host employees in the construction industry such as engineers and architects, as well as other key workers. Since our launch in 2019, we maintained a 90% occupancy rate and grew at least 3 folds yearly.

Our clients’ average stay is between 1 month to 6 months.

We make our margin from our partners, who are charged a higher rental amount to serve their accommodation needs in London.

Our typical contracts are between 3 to 5 years; however, we are flexible to do a yearly contract.

There are major advantages for long term corporate lets:

– Eviction: As a corporate, we do not benefit from the government protection that is offered to individual tenants on a AST contract. If you decide to stop cooperating with us, you can just give a 1 month notice for us to leave your property without having to go through an eviction process that takes at least 6 months
– Management: Unlike individual tenants, we do not call you to fix small issues, and we take care of coordinating the repairs no matter the size.
– Cleaning: Unlike unpredictable individual tenants, we conduct weekly cleanings and monthly checks in all our properties to keep them at high standards.
– Void: We guarantee a long term contract of 3 to 5 years with no void.

Under the right to rent act, a tenancy is considered subletting when the property is used as a “principal primary residence”. Our activity is primarily to host our clients on temporary contracts and therefore do not fall in-scope of any concerns around subletting.

Note: Subletting is perfectly legal and that issues relating to subletting arise from the need for landlords and firms to correctly vet tenants and their permission to reside in the UK where the accommodation is used as their permanent residence.

We are absolutely not an HMO company, we do not rent any of our properties on a per room basis. All our properties are rented as a whole unit to our clients.

Before we start hosting any of our clients, our interior designers would create a custom interior design to decorate the property, including fresh paints, repairs, art frames, new cushions and decorative materials… this would add significant value to your property.

Deposits are not usually taken on corporate contracts. The concept behind deposits in the residential real estate market is to protect landlords from reckless tenants on AST, who could damage the property and leave the country, hence landlords cannot take any actions against them. In our case, we are a Ltd company under U.K jurisdiction, we are legally obliged to pay for any damages caused to your property.

On a corporate contract, we are legally bound to return the place to its original state after the end of the tenancy, any damages caused by our guests will be fixed by our company free of charge, unless it’s a major repair, such as Plumbing or electrical issues, in which case we could still coordinate the repairs on your behalf at the cost price.

We have no intention to use the notice period after the heavy resources we deploy to set up the property to high standards for our clients. The set up cost/time involved is significant; hence, we aim to stay for as long as possible. The break clause is there to protect both sides, for example, if you need to sell the property because of an emergency or if we discover a major problem in the flat or the building that prevents us from operating smoothly.

Depending on our designers’ decisions, your furniture would either be kept or replaced. If we replace any of your furniture, you will automatically be the legal owner of the new furniture we buy for the flat unless you use the notice period or we stay in the property for less than a year.

As a landlord, by law you must have an annual gas inspection at your property if there is a gas supply.

you are also legally obliged to provide your tenants with a valid energy performance certificate (EPC)

You are not legally bound to needing electrical safety tests completing for non-HMO properties.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to insure his/her content in the property. The landlord may also decide not to insure the content if it is of low value at his/her own responsibility

Landlord is not liable for anything that belongs to the tenant.

We do not require an inventory report and you shall expect the flat to be returned at the same standards or better at the end of our tenancy; however, we do accept any third if the landlord wishes to have a more professional version, they can hire a third party company to do it.

Flex Living pays for all energy bills and council tax apart from the service charge and ground rent.

We request that our landlords keep the bills under their name and we top up the monthly rent with the total cost of the bills, which is revised annually.

– Our maintenance team carry out an initial inspection as soon as an issue becomes apparent

– If we cannot repair the issue we will seek to use external contractors at fair market rates

– We notify the Landlord as soon as a contractor is required. Providing an opportunity to source your own contractor or seek use of an insurance policy if necessary.

– If we do not hear back we proceed to carry out the works and invoice for the repair/ replacement.

– Where the cost is expected to go above £250 we will seek Landlord approval to proceed

– Our contractors charge amongst the most reasonable rates on the market and we only work with a select number of contractors that we know and trust except in emergencies.

This comes with a great saving to our landlords since we do not pay for the call outs in the case of an issue, we send a member of our team free of charge. We only charge the landlord when the issue is identified as a problem that needs a specialist, otherwise a member of our team fixes it free of charge

Any small repairs or anything broken by our clients will be taken care of by our team free of charge. Anything structural or other major problems such as boiler breaking down, electrical or plumbing problems… shall be covered by the landlord, we can coordinate the repair on your behalf at the cost price of the works, or you may decide to use your own contractors if available within a reasonable timeframe.

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