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12 Best Places To Live In London

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Where Are The Best London Neighborhoods?

There is no shortage of options for living in one of the greatest cities in the world, but where exactly are the best neighbourhoods to stay in London?

In this article, we are going to discuss :

London is a very big city and, like all big cities, some areas are better to live in than others. If you’re thinking of moving to London then, of course, you’re going to want to live in a nice area, aren’t you?

Thankfully, London is a city with more than enough nice areas to live in to offer anyone, an ideal neighbourhood to move into.

But, there are a lot of areas across London to look at living in, which is why Flex Living is bringing you what we think: are the nicest places in London and, have the most to offer anyone wanting to start a new life in this amazing City!

Where Are The Best Areas To Live In London?

Many people move to London because they think it is an amazing place to live, and they’re right. However, not everyone has the same idea of what’s amazing and what’s not, especially when it comes to living in a city the size of London. 

Do you want to wake up every day with a view of the River Thames or a massive green area like Hyde Park? Is the view of a quiet street or a block of apartments enough for you? The answer isn’t the same for everyone and that’s ok — because London has more than enough options when it comes to living in the city to keep everyone happy!

London is a city with lots of larger districts and smaller neighbourhoods you could live in which all have their own unique identity and attraction. Some areas are filled with fun and independent bars and Cafés. Others are better suited for quieter living, with great schools and communities for families looking to move to the city.

But what is the best area to live in London? Focussing on the specific values of each area individually, we are going to go through the best areas across the entire city to live and why they are such brilliant places for anyone to live.

Hackney - North London

Highstreet in Hackney

When it comes to living in North London, it is hard to beat the area of Hackney for variety, for new neighbourhoods to move into. Hackney is a large district, offering a lot of diversity in terms of housing, community and locations to live in, making it an appealing place to move no matter what your living situation is!

Living by the water is an option at Hackney Wick or, further upstream at Hackney Marsh, with many options available for pretty, riverside accommodation by some fantastic green areas (including the north section of the massive Queen Elizabeth Park that was built for the 2012 Olympic Games!). 

The accommodation in Hackney Wick has a more industrial feel to it but don’t think that makes it less popular to live there. The area is filled with artistic types and has become an incredibly fun place to live thanks to the various pop-up bars, restaurants, galleries and music events that are always happening in the area.

Hackney central offers an alternative for anyone looking to live somewhere that is a bit less village-like or arty compared to other parts of Hackney. The area is really good for high-street shopping and dining, with plenty of options when it comes to shopping, as well as having more unique boutique and vintage shops which are very popular in this area of London! 

Living in areas further south such as Dalston and De Beauvoir Town is a good alternative also for anyone looking to live in quieter neighbourhoods (particularly younger families), with De Beauvoir Town having many attractive properties from the 19th century to live in. Transport access into the centre of London across the whole of Hackney is good, although journeys to the city centre are slightly longer the further north you live in the area due to the number of stops on the lines!

Shoreditch - East London

Shoreditch is now one of the best areas to live in London. It is a large area in the east of the city that contains several really popular neighbourhoods apart from the main highstreet of Shoreditch The area has become an incredibly attractive place to move to, thanks to its fantastic street art and architecture (lots of cool, converted warehouses), plenty of stylish bars and restaurants, as well as a community full of artistic and creative people.

Neighbourhoods such as Old Street, Hoxton, Spitalfields and Haggerston are all exceptional places to call home. There are some amazing local markets, such as Brick Lane, at Spitalfields, as well as the iconic Petit Coat Lane, to visit on the weekends and pick up some interesting pieces to furnish your new home with! The main high street in Shoreditch is ideal for anyone looking to shop locally with a good mixture of more commercial shopping and independent stores. 

There are plenty of fantastic bars, pubs, restaurants and pop-up events happening in the wider Shoreditch area. Food from all over the world can be found everywhere and the iconic Brick Lane offers the finest options for Asian cuisine in the whole city. Commuting for work to other parts of the city is incredibly easy living in Shoreditch. Liverpool Street Station is a major connection for anyone travelling to other parts of the city via any means of public transport.

Shoreditch has a lot to offer for just about anyone thinking of moving to London. There are quieter parts like Haggerston and Spitalfields which are more suited towards families. Exciting and colourful places to hang out in Hoxton, Old Street and Shoreditch high-street for professionals looking for places to go after work. Most importantly, it offers a real sense of fun and excitement to be living in a part of the city which holds so much appeal, to so many different people.

Bow - East London

Canal wharf at Bow

The area of Bow in East London has changed a lot in the last ten years. Massive investment into the area from the 2012 Olympic Games, has seen Bow become a much more attractive place to live in, with a lot of opportunities for short term accommodation that have quick access into the city centre.

The east of London has a strong sense of community and in Bow, you find a charming area, quieter than many parts of East London. Bow offers a good balance for practical-minded people thinking of living in East London. The neighbourhood you live in is quieter and community focussed, with great places to eat out and shop that are less Highstreet and more local friendly. 

There are delightful greener areas like Queen Elizabeth Park (the sight of the London 2012 Olympics) and Victoria Park. Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre is one of the largest in Europe, also contains dining options, as well as a cinema complex and like the parks —is just a short walk away!

Bow is the perfect East London community to move into for anyone looking to live a little further away from where they work and still have quick access to the rest of London. It is ideal for anyone thinking of moving with their family with great access to schools in the city centre and is considered a friendly and safe neighbourhood to move into.

Camden Town -North London

Rail bridge over the mainroad through Camden Town

Camden Town is one of London’s most famous districts. An incredible open-air market, streets that are filled with bright and colourful artworks on the sides of buildings, fantastic pubs and bars, as well as being a home for art, music and poetry, in the north of London. You won’t find too many areas in London that can match Camden Town’s atmosphere and character!

The area has remained one of the best areas to live in London for years, particularly thanks to the great number of young and creative people that moved into the area to be a part of the growing scene for music, art and for the interesting things you can buy at the local markets. Don’t worry, there are plenty of high-street stores and places to eat out to give you more familiar options to Camden’s more independent establishments!

Today, Camden Town is a home for everyone, a place where people from everywhere want to move to experience living in the city of London. Filled full of friendly and outgoing people, the local area has so much to offer in terms of living, including fantastic properties. From converted warehouses to modern apartment complexes with impressive views of the local area.

Camden Town is a great place to live for anyone wanting to travel across London to work in other parts of the city thanks to its great public transport links and local stations. The area is still suitable for families to move to despite the areas’ historic popularity among younger people. There are few better places to experience living in London than living in Camden!

Richmond - South London

Riverside at Richmond Upon Thames

You’ll find Richmond at the top of the list for many guides to living in London. You won’t have to spend too long enjoying the countless river walks and strolls through the parks before you too, quickly fall in love with what has to be a contender, for the most beautiful district in London.

Although Richmond is quite a distance from the city centre, travel to and from the office for work is a price well worth paying to live in the area. There is no shortage of amazing places to live between Richmond Hill, the Town centre, along the river or the side of Richmond Green and of course, the iconic Richmond Park — London’s largest and most spectacular green space and home to a colony of more than 300 deer!

Richmond is a great place to live throughout the year. There are many charming pubs and bars where you want to be outside during the summer. Enjoying the parks and river in the sunshine is what living in Richmond is all about! The high street has a lot of stores to shop from, with a great mixture between boutique and more commercial retailers, for all your needs once you’ve moved in. 

The area around Richmond is fantastic for families, with lots of highly-rated schools in the local area and nearby, as well as some truly beautiful homes to live in. If you ever want to go into the city centre for a change of scene, it’s easy to do so from the main train station, and areas such as St Margaret’s, Twickenham, Teddington and Kingston Upon Thames are all close by for alternative areas to live in.

Richmond is an ideal living place for people moving to London with families and those wanting a greener experience living in London. The demand for properties in the area is high but thankfully, you’ve got more than a few areas and living options to choose from to make moving to Richmond work.

Borough & Bermondsey - South London

View of Tower Bridge and The Shard

The area around two of London’s most iconic bridges is a fantastic place to live. Life by Tower Bridge and London Bridge is all about living close to the action but, still having a little bit of space away from all the fun happening in the city. You’re just a short walk across the river from the centre of London, living in an area where something interesting is always happening.  

The neighbourhoods of Borough and Bermondsey are famous for their markets and local bars. Borough Market, is one of the area’s biggest attractions when it comes to shopping locally, although there are several other famous markets in the surrounding area to compete with it. Anyone who isn’t a fan of browsing local markets shouldn’t worry. The area has several highstreets with plenty lots of commercial retailers and plenty of independent stores as well!

There are many fantastic bars and restaurants in the local area, including one with stunning views at the top of The Shard (London’s tallest building) and the legendary Bermondsey Beer Mile — filled with different independent bars and micro-breweries. Bermondsey also has its own beach on the bank of the River Thames which is incredibly popular during the summer and a fun place to spend some of the warmer days in the city!

If you’re not happy walking across the river, you can always jump on a tube or, train, from London Bridge station to reach just about anywhere in the city. Having such good transport connections is also a bonus for anyone who is thinking of travelling around for work. Both Tower and London bridge has fantastic places to rent for anyone wanting to live in London. 

There is a fantastic selection between high-end, high-rise apartments with very good views of the river and quieter, cosy accommodation, away from the main Highstreet. The area is a really good choice for anyone thinking of moving to the city with their family but not wanting to live right in the city centre and offers the best of both worlds for anyone living here!

Islington - North London

Brightly coloured doors in Islington

Islington is a wonderful district of North London. It’s famous for its beautiful houses, green spaces, as well as being a diverse yet welcoming, community to live in.  It’s ideally suited for families and anyone wanting to live in a quieter part of the city.

Life in Islington is relaxed, which can seem quite different compared to many areas of London but, it helps to explain why so many people choose to move here. Neighbourhoods like Canonbury and Angel are a bit more adventurous. Living around Finsbury Park and surrounding areas is a guaranteed spot for great housing and Crouch Hill has a pretty high street that is full of character.

The area around Islington has more than just excellent housing options and atmosphere. Fine dining, boutique shopping and independent retailers, as well as great public transport, are all part of what helps make Islington, a wonderful place to live for anyone. Families will find the area is fantastic for schools and quieter living and workers, travelling into the heart of the city or, people looking to go out and enjoy themselves on the weekend.

 Islington is one of the best places to live in London for those who love the arts. There are many galleries and theatres in the local area offering ballet, stage productions, art shows and more, that have contributed to Islington’s reputation as a home of the arts in London. It is a fantastic place for anyone looking to move to London and has a very good reputation for being a warm and welcoming place for all who move there.

Fulham - West London

The park at Parsons Green

For living in London Fulham offers a bit of everything. It is right next to the incredibly wealthy areas of Chelsea and Kensington and has homes just as lovely as the ones you would expect to find there. Although Fulham can be a bit more expensive to live in than in other areas, neighbourhoods in nearby Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith are significantly cheaper to live in.

But living in Fulham still has its charm and great options for accommodation, including lovely quiet side streets and fantastic apartments, along the banks of the River Thames. Fulham is a fantastic place for dining and going out, as well as having several smaller shopping centres across the area and plenty of beautiful old pubs, public gardens and parks. 

Fulham Broadway has an exceptionally lovely high street for all of this, whilst areas like Brompton, Putney and Parson’s Green, are all wonderful areas with quieter neighbourhoods and with more local, independent shops and hospitality. Also, despite the name suggesting otherwise, Fulham is home to Chelsea Football, one of the most recognised and successful teams in the world!

It is no secret that many famous faces have and still do live nearby so you never know who you might meet one day walking around West Brompton or Fulham Broadway! The area is good for commuters wanting to travel into the city for work even if you are living a bit further out from the city centre. Additionally, there are plenty of magnificent townhouses and apartments that are suitable for family living, with some excellent options for schools in the area.

Living in Fulham is a good mix between quiet and engaging. You will find plenty is going on all the time in the area as well as the surrounding areas of Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush and beyond. It’s easy for anyone moving to London to make a life for themself in this area and have a great base to explore more of the city!

Chelsea & Kensington - West London

Pretty terraced houses in Islington

The area of Kensington and Chelsea is one of the most wealthy and desirable places to live in the whole of London, potentially even the most desirable, which says a lot for a city that has so many fantastic areas to live in. The houses here are amongst the best in the city, many of them are hundreds of years old and are beautifully designed as part of typical Georgian architecture (which you can find all across the area!).

From penthouse flats, spacious serviced apartments and luxury manor houses, Chelsea and Kensington have no shortage of options to make you feel like you’re living the life of royalty. Areas such as Knightsbridge, Kensington Gardens and Belgravia are all highly desired addresses, with iconic London department stores such as Harrod’s and Harvey Nicholl’s all within easy walking distance. 

Schools in this part of London are fantastic and amongst the best in the entire country, making it a fantastic location to move the family to. Neighbourhoods like Notting Hill, Sloane Square and Holland Park are all well-known and much-loved places to live in and less expensive to live in. There are still many beautiful apartments and houses to rent but these areas are very relaxed and quiet (apart from when it’s time for Notting Hill Carnival and the area turns into a giant street party!).

Kensington and Chelsea is an amazing area of London to live in no matter what your budget is. You’ll be able to live in the best of what London has to offer in terms of housing, with everything you could ever need within easy reach including, the city centre. There are more than enough options in the area for anyone who wants to enjoy living in one of the most glamorous areas of London!

The City Of Westminster - Central London

Fountain at Trafalgar Square

Westminster is as central as you can get living in this city. Living in this area is seen as highly convenient, with amazing access to other parts of the city, some of the best options for shopping, dining and going out, entertainment and being surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole of London.

There are many iconic neighbourhoods to live in. Soho, Pimlico, Covent Garden, are all right around the corner from major tourist and shopping spots such as Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Trafalgar square. You can’t physically live closer to some of the city’s most iconic spots and despite how busy the area is —you’ll only find more ways to appreciate just how beautiful the streets of the inner-city are.

Areas like Victoria offer a good selection of housing. Newer accommodation and apartment blocks are being built all the time to go with the incredible heritage buildings. St John’s Wood is one of the nicest neighbourhoods to live in the whole of London let alone Westminster. You can find many beautiful houses in this area, alongside neighbourhoods like Fitzrovia which are very quiet and charming but, expensive places to live!

The delight of seeing London by night in Westminster and having the chance to dine out and drink in some of the most exclusive hospitality spots in the whole city is a massive appeal for people living in this area. The options for local shopping are tremendous, from the most luxury and high-fashion retailers in the world to the more commercial high-street brands. It’s completely perfect for anyone thinking of moving alone or with their family.

Westminster is one of the best places to live in London if you can afford to live there the way you want to. Whilst it can be busy in some areas, that is part of the appeal and charm of the area, living in the heart of the city. You’re never going to be far away from anything and as a result, this means you’re living in one of the best places to experience life, in London.

Paddington - Central London

Paddington Basin next to Little Venice

Paddington is one of the best areas to live in the whole of London. It’s incredibly well connected to the rest of the city, has an amazing sense of life thanks to its diverse neighbourhoods and communities and despite being a very busy area to live in, Paddington does have more relaxed areas.

Housing options are plentiful, with more than a few newly built apartment blocks offering exceptional views of the aforementioned basin, but plenty of quieter neighbourhoods and spacious apartments, especially in Maida Vale, Westbourne and Little Venice. Paddington Basin is a particularly lovely place to live for quiet and tranquillity especially during the long summer evenings walking along the canals of Little Venice.

The extremely busy main road of Edgeware Road offers all the requirements a person can have moving to the city when shopping for essentials, with its main high-street full of stores and retailers and, the area is particularly well known for Middle-Eastern food and markets.  Areas like Bayswater are famous for their converted townhouses which have been made into lovely apartments and are a lot easier to afford to rent than similar properties close to Hyde Park and in Marylebone. 

Getting around the rest of the city living in Paddington is no problem. The area is serviced by the major London train station of Paddington, with plenty of London Underground trains connecting from there and in nearby areas, making it a perfect place to live and work from or, explore the rest of the city.

Paddington is a convenient place to live for both working professionals and families. There are amazing accommodation options, plenty of good schools, fantastic access to the city centre and more than enough places of interest to make your experience of living in the area, a happy one.

Elephant & Castle/ Vauxhall

Water Fountain in Elephant & Castle

If you’re looking to live right at the heart of the city but, see it from a different point of view, then living in Vauxhall may well be what’s right for you. Vauxhall sits opposite the Westminster area of London across from the River Thames, just a short walk away from London Waterloo Station and the amazing South Bank area, making it a fantastic place to experience the joys of life at the heart of the city.

Elephant and Castle, on the other hand, is just a short distance further south and away from the river but, is incredibly affordable to live in and popular amongst students as a result. Elephant and Castle has a reputation for being one of the quietest areas to live in the whole city. It may seem that there isn’t much to do within the area itself but, because of its location and accommodation options, it is one of the best places to live in London.

Housing in the area has experienced a massive boom from redevelopment and the properties are significantly more affordable than some of the ones you will find closer to the river in Vauxhall. The area of Elephant and Castle has fewer attractions but there is more than enough in the area to make it ideal for living.  There is great access to amenities and shopping locally, with the option of taking a short train journey towards the river or, east towards Borough.

Vauxhall has no shortage of amazing apartments overlooking the river and the London skyline and is a fantastic place to live for anyone wanting amazing views of the city and access to it by night. The Southbank area is fantastic for restaurants and entertainment, with the BFI cinema centre and iconic Old Vic theatre just a two minute walk away from each other.

Living in Vauxhall or Elephant and Castle is perfect for anyone looking to commute into the city centre for work. Additionally, there is a good selection of quieter neighbourhoods that are perfect for families living here, with fantastic schools nearby. This area south of the river has plenty of variety to offer diverse living for anyone willing to move and experience the best of both the quiet and the buzz of being so close to the city centre.

What About The Rest Of London?

There are many, many more areas to live in London than what we have covered here, so if you’re looking for more information on specific areas then why not read more of our guides on living in London? Alternatively, why not get an idea of what amazing activities there are to do whilst living in London, over here.

If you have any questions about moving to London then please, feel free to get in touch with us today, and let us at Flex Living help make your dream move to London happen!

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