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The Best Schools In East London ?

Are you relocating to London? Here are Flex Living's top picks for the best schools in the area.


Where Are The Best Schools In East London?

East London Is Full Of Amazing Neighbourhoods To Live In But What Options Are There For Schools In East London?

London is one of the world’s leading cities for education. Some of the most highly rated schools, colleges and universities, can be found within the city limits, catering to students of all ages. London is an incredible city for learning and for any family moving to the city, the options you have for your children’s education can indeed seem, limitless.

From elite private schools to international academies, state-funded grammar schools – even some of London’s nursery schools and Kindergartens come with incredibly high ratings! Then there are options for higher education, including brilliant colleges and some of the best-ranked universities in the country, as well as art and performing art schools if you’re kids happen to be born performers!

Schools in London can be quite expensive if you opt to send your children down the road of private education. On top of this, you might find living close to your preferred schools more costly than you first imagined. There is a very high demand for properties in London in general but, to live in neighbourhoods close to some of the best schools, you may find the price of a home significantly high! 

 Luckily, there are plenty of options across the whole of London for schools, which is why we at Flex Living have put together this guide to the best schools in each area of London, for you to explore what education options are available for your children before you make the move!

Education In The UK

There are several different types of schools in the UK. The two main pathways for school options in the UK come under state and private education. Most children moving to the UK with a parent on a work visa are eligible to attend state-run schools, like other children in the UK, free of charge. This can also include specialist schools and academies, including Grammar Schools, which are of a higher standard than many state schools.

Private Schools are run independently and charge annual or quarterly fees based on their estimations for the facilities and education they provide. Both state and private schools can include children of all ages or, be specifically aimed at educating certain age groups or even, specific genders (schools for boys and girls are still quite common in the UK).  

Schools for children from the ages of 4-11 are known as primary schools and schools for children from 11+ are known as secondary schools. Schools that cater to other, set ages like preparatory (prep) schools and finishing schools do also exist in the UK and London, although they are not as common. If you’re thinking of moving to London and want to enrol them in a local school (or even study yourself) there are a few things that it pays to be aware of before you start looking at schools and places to live. 

What options for schools you have will very much depend on what area of London you choose to live in. There should always be options for state-run primary and secondary schools in any area you choose to live in but, some areas will have more options for private and grammar schools, than others.

Some schools require prospective students to potentially complete several tests before being admitted, to determine their suitability for the school. There are age-related tests for entering grammar and certain private schools known as ‘Common Entrance Exams’, for students aged 11 and older (11 +) and those aged 13 and older (13+). Tests for children younger than this are usually at the preference of the school being applied to and may depend on the available grades and age of the child in question.

Additionally, for students who don’t have English as a first language, there are mandatory tests to determine the level of English of a potential student. There are a variety of different English tests that make use of the IELTS model for assessing a non-native English speaker’s level of English but, the UKiset test is becoming more popular with schools, as it assesses both the education level of the subject and, their level of English. Completing these is critical to a potential student being accepted into a school before they move to the country.

The Best Schools In East London

We would now like to draw your attention to our selection, of some of the most reputable schools across West London, for you to potentially consider as destinations for your children’s future education.

Forest Green School

Aerial view of Forest Green School

Type: Private Co-ed School

Years: 4 – 18

Location: Oakhurst Gardens, London E17 3PY

Fees: £17,750 – £22,000 + (depending on age) annually.


Forest School is one of the best independent schools in East London. Initially established in 1834, the school has undergone several transformations into what is now – one of the best co-ed private schools in East London. Located close to the charming and enchanted setting of Waltham Forest, this school is a wonderful centre of learning and offers something of an escape for pupils from the busy city of London!

Forest School is a rare case of offering children education for their entire childhood, with lessons beginning for some pupils from the start of primary education at the age of 4, concluding at the end of Sixth Form at the beginning of adulthood at 18. As such, the curriculum is very diverse, filled with many interesting pathways to study and of course, exceptionally taught.

The staff and facilities at the school are fantastic. ‘The Park’, is an exclusive 25 acres of playing pitches and sports fields located on the other side of Waltham Forest, which the school makes use of for sports. There is a wonderful mix between older teaching buildings from the school’s founding (or ones which -pre-date that such as the beautiful chapel!) with more modern buildings such as the science and technology buildings. It is a wonderful place for learning and children lucky enough to be sent here will struggle to find a better education in many other schools in London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

The London Academy Of Excellence

Front entrance to the London Academy of Excellence in Stratford

Type: Independent Sixth Form & College

Years: 16+

Location: 322 High St, London E15 1AJ

Fees: None (state-funded)

In June 2022, The London Academy of Excellence received the rather prestigious recognition of being nominated for one of the top ten schools in the world promoting healthy living. It is the latest in a long list of accolades and incredible results, that have seen this once humble school located in the heart of Stratford, become one of the best colleges in the country!

The London Academy of Excellence is easily one of the best options in the city for completing education. It might feel like a shame for some parents that the school doesn’t cater to younger year groups but, the quality of teaching and the level of results the school achieves in older students are very hard to match. The fact that this school is funded by the state and offers such an incredible standard of education for free, is truly remarkable.

As one of the best options for completing education in London, competition for places at the London Academy of Excellence is very high, as is the standard for those hoping to enter. However, those who are lucky enough to be accepted into this incredible institution for learning may look forward to not only achieving exceptionally high grades to complete their schooling but also – look forward to applying to some of the best universities in the world as a result!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Bancroft's School

Grounds of Bancfroft's School

Type: Private Co-ed School

Years: 4 – 18

Location: 611-627 High Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 0RF

Fees: £17,049 – £20,748 annually

Bancroft’s School is one of the oldest schools in East London, with a rather impressive founding date of 1737 and a reputation for delivering exceptional education to all its pupils. Exactly what you would expect for a school that has existed for nearly 300 years! Bancroft’s is an exceptional private school that caters to both boys and girls, offering incredible opportunities for learning.

The study of languages is greatly prized at Bancroft, with it being compulsory to choose two languages to study from Year 8 onwards. Options for language include advanced languages such as Russian, Latin and even Ancient Greek! Learning and tuition at the school are of an exceptionally high standard and much is expected from the students who attend Bancroft.

Bancroft is a beautiful school, carrying over much of its original architecture into the present day, along with its beautiful grounds and playing fields. The school has a long and proud history of producing poets, politicians and academics, with a membership of the school’s Alumni, the “Old Bancroftians”, generating much respect and opportunities in the future. To study at Bancroft is to study at one of the greatest schools in East London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Old Palace Primary

Entrance to Old Palace Primary School

Type: Co-ed Primary School

Years: 4 – 11

Location: Old Palace Primary School, St Leonard’s Street, Bow, E3 3BT 

Fees: None (state-funded)

In the quieter community of Bow in East London, not far from the famous bells of St.Leonard’s Church, is the sweet and charming school of Old Palace Primary. Old Palace primary is a fantastic destination for young learners either starting out in their first school or, looking to finish their primary education in East London.

As a state-funded school, entrance into Old Palace Primary is free but, admissions are overseen by the local school authority, so parents wanting to send their children here would be best-paying attention to the requirements of the local catchment area (and make sure that where you live is within the radius for it!).  There won’t be a shortage of applicants for a school Ofsted has rated ‘Oustanding’  in its most recent inspection!

Learning at the school is of significant quality according to Ofsted’s report, however, this is only made possible by the efforts of the fantastic teaching and school staff at Old Palace Primary. The school is a warm and welcoming environment for learning, with a diverse pupil base and teaching staff that foster a sense of community and inclusion, at one of the highest-rated primary schools in East London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Mayflower Primary

Street view of Mayflower Primary School

Type: Co-ed Primary

Years: 4 – 11

Location: Upper North St, London E14 6DU

Fees: None (state-funded)

Mayflower Primary received recognition as “ State Primary School Of The Year” from the Sunday Times in 2021. London has a lot of state schools, many of which have fantastic ratings and rankings from Ofsted, so for a school to be singled out by a major publication is a strong sign of the quality of education Mayflower Primary has to offer.

Close to the financial hub of Canary Wharf, Mayflower Primary is an ideal destination for the school run for anyone moving to the HSBC, JP Morgan or Barclays buildings there! The school delights in teaching its young pupils about the power of creativity, with storytelling, in particular, used as one of the core drives and motivations for education at the school.  

With nearly 400 pupils attending what is a fairly small-sized school, the wonderful teaching staff make the most of the space available to create an intimate learning environment, ensuring plenty of one-to-one learning and that children have all the help they need to flourish in their early education. Mayflower Primary is a wonderful school for children to receive some of the best state-funded, primary education that London can offer! 

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Grangewood Independent School

View from the street of Grangewood Independant School

Type: Private Co-ed Primary School

Years: 2 – 11

Location: Chester Rd, London E7 8QT

Fees: £2000 – £6000 (depending on age) annually

Grangewood Independent School is a private primary school close to Upton Park in East London. It is much smaller than the average, state-run primary school and yet, the school offers a level of education that is hard to match outside of the bigger Independent schools in London. 

The school is relatively new compared to many other schools in London, only being founded in 1979 by a local doctor and his wife. With the school values focussing on enterprise, industry and inspiring confidence in its pupils, Grangewood is an ideal school to prepare your children for entering the private or grammar school system in a more intimate and focused learning environment.

It falls to the staff at the school to make learning not only as interesting and engaging as possible but also, to rise to the challenge of keeping a smaller classroom invested and progress to the standards the school wishes to maintain. With attendance numbers increasing with each year, it won’t be long before the schools seek to expand their facilities and potentially, becomes easily recognised as one of the best of its kind in London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Stratford Academy School

Sports class at Stratford School Academy

Type: Co-ed Secondary School

Years: 11 -18

Location: Grosvenor Rd, London E7 8JA

Fees: None (state-funded)

Stratford School Academy is one of the highest-rated, state-funded secondary schools in East London, with plenty of appreciation online from both pupils past and present (and their parents!). It is a very community focussed school, with plenty of effort made into making the school as inclusive and open to students of all backgrounds across the area.

The school has an open approach to learning, with a wide curriculum that encourages students to follow their own path, under the guidance of the school’s dedicated and fantastic teaching staff. With 1,500 pupils at the school, it is certainly a challenge to ensure that all students receive the correct amount of attention and guidance they require but, it is one that the teaching staff certainly rise to!

Ofsted has commented on the efforts that the teaching staff have made to reach all their pupils and make the school’s community as welcoming and inclusive as possible, in their most recent review of the school. With a higher score of ‘Good’, Stratford Academy School is one of the best options for state-funded secondary schools for your child to complete their education in the East London area.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Connaught School For Girls

Playground at the Connaught School

Type: All-girls Grammar School

Years: 11 -18

Location: Dyers Hall Rd, London E11 4AE

Fees: None (state-funded)

Connaught School For Girls is an easily recommendable all-girls Grammar school in East London. The school can be found in the Leytonstone area of East London and has a proud history of offering exceptional education to young girls from the local community since the end of the Second World War. 

The school has received multiple good reviews over the years for its excellent standard of education offered for girls and the high-quality teaching at the school. There are not many all-girls grammar schools in East London but Connaught is definitely one of the finest to consider sending a daughter to complete her secondary education.

Naturally, with fierce competition for places due to the standards of the 11+ exam and the learning requirements to obtain the necessary grades, getting into this school very much depends on the academic abilities of every pupil. However, if they are accepted, they will find themselves studying at an exceptional school which will help them get the best out of completing their education.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Sarah Bonnell School For Girls

Street view of Sarah Bonnell School

Type: All-Girls Grammar School

Years: 11 – 18

Location: Deanery Rd, London E15 4LP

Fees: None (state-funded)

Founded in 1873, Sarah Bonell’s school was founded as a Church school, converted to a private Trust for girls’ education before eventually, returning to its roots as a free provider of learning as a state-funded school.

The school takes pride in welcoming girls from all backgrounds and is an advocate for diversity in learning. The staff at the school are exceptional, offering high-quality and passionate education to empower their young students and guide them, into becoming confident and successful young women.

Sarah Bonell school is highly rated, receiving a rating of ‘Good from Ofsted in their latest review of the school. It is the standout all-girls school in Stratford and well worth considering sending your daughter to school if you’re living in or close to this part of East London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Other Fantastic Schools In London

There are many other schools to potentially send your children to in London but we hope this list has provided you with some valuable guidance on education options you might find in the city.

teenager students in class

For more schools in other areas of London, you might want to have a look at some of our other guides for schools in London or, try looking at other helpful links such as The Good Schools Guide, for even more education options for your future move to London!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to find fantastic places to live in East London, then why not look at our guide to living in East London or alternatively, start browsing our list of incredible properties to move into right now!

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