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The Best Schools In West London

Are you relocating to West London? Here are Flex Living's top picks for best schools in the area.
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Where Are The Best Schools In West London?

West London Is Known For Glamorous Homes And A High-Quality To Life. So Can You Expect To Find The Same In Schools In This Part Of The City?

London is one of the world’s leading cities for education. Some of the most highly rated schools, colleges and universities, can be found within the city limits, catering to students of all ages.

A girl reading in the library

London is an incredible city for learning and for any family moving to the city. The options you have for your children’s education can indeed seem limitless.

From elite private schools to international academies, state-funded grammar schools – even some of London’s nursery schools and kindergartens come with incredibly high ratings! Then there are options for higher education, including brilliant colleges and some of the best-ranked universities in the country, as well as art schools if your kids happen to be born performers!

Schools in London can be quite expensive if you opt to send your children down the road of private education. On top of this, you might find living close to your preferred schools more costly than you first imagined. There is a very high demand for properties in London in general but, to live in neighbourhoods close to some of the best schools, you may find the price of a home significantly high! 

Luckily, there are plenty of options across the whole of London for schools, which is why we at Flex Living have put together this guide to the best schools in each area of London, for you to explore what education options are available for your children before you make the move!

Education In The UK

There are several different types of schools in the UK. The two main pathways for school options in the UK come under state and private education.

Most children moving to the UK with a parent on a work visa are eligible to attend state-run schools, like other children in the UK, free of charge. This can also include specialist schools and academies, including Grammar Schools, which are of a higher standard than many state schools.

Private Schools are run independently and charge annual or quarterly fees based on their estimations for the facilities and education they provide. Both state and private schools can include children of all ages or, be specifically aimed at educating certain age groups or even, specific genders (schools for boys and girls are still quite common in the UK).  

Schools for children from the ages of 4-11 are known as primary schools and schools for children from 11+ are known as secondary schools. Schools that cater to other, set ages like preparatory (prep) schools and finishing schools do also exist in the UK and London, although they are not as common. If you’re thinking of moving to London and want to enrol them in a local school (or even study yourself) there are a few things that it pays to be aware of before you start looking at schools and places to live. 

What options for schools you have will very much depend on what area of London you choose to live in. There should always be options for state-run primary and secondary schools in any area you choose to live in but, some areas will have more options for private and grammar schools, than others.

Some schools require prospective students to potentially complete several tests before being admitted, to determine their suitability for the school. There are age-related tests for entering grammar and certain private schools known as ‘Common Entrance Exams’, for students aged 11 and older (11 +) and those aged 13 and older (13+). Tests for children younger than this are usually at the preference of the school being applied to and may depend on the available grades and age of the child in question.

Additionally, for students who don’t have English as a first language, there are mandatory tests to determine the level of English of a potential student. There are a variety of different English tests that make use of the IELTS model for assessing a non-native English speaker’s level of English but, the UKiset test is becoming more popular with schools, as it assesses both the education level of the subject and, their level of English. Completing these is critical to a potential student being accepted into a school before they move to the country.

The Best Schools In West London

We would now like to draw your attention to our selection, of some of the most reputable schools across West London, for you to potentially consider as destinations for your children’s future education.

Latymer Upper School

Front entrance to the Latymer Upper School

Type: Private Co-ed


Years: 11-18


Location: King St, London W6 9LR


Fees: £19,500 + annually

The Latymer Upper School is one of the finest private schools in the city of London. With its beautiful 19th-century main buildings, impressive curriculum and teaching staff, it has everything that a child needs to grow into their education through study.

Perched close by the River Thames, some of the school’s impressive facilities include a boathouse for rowing teams, a wonderfully modern sports complex and theatre, as well as a dedicated sports complex nearby including an olympic swimming pool, with pitches and courts for additional sports such as rugby, tennis and hockey, etc. The school has a modern style of learning which is enhanced by strong IT facilities and classrooms equipped with the latest learning tools. 

The curriculum is broad, with students able to study multiple languages such as Latin, Greek, Mandarin and more, whilst also tackling subjects from computer sciences and software, to art and music. The Latymer Upper School has everything a child needs to see out their compulsory education at a school which frequently ranks amongst the very best in the whole country – never mind the city of London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Godolphin & Latymer School

Car park and green of the Godolphin & Latymer School

Type: All-girls Private School

Years: 11-18

Location: Iffley Rd, London W6 0PG

Fees: £23,085 annually 

Godolphin and Latymer School is consistently ranked as one of the best all-girls schools in the country. With more than 800 girls attending the school, Godolphin and Latymer has a strong foundation for education with a modern, innovative and sophisticated approach to learning, ensuring that every pupil learns with an appropriate level of independence to broaden their capabilities.

This modern approach to learning includes every girl at the school receiving an Ipad for learning, whilst computer labs and other, electronic learning facilities, are all excellent. The push for digital learning ensures that students are developing other skills as well as subject knowledge. Mandarin is compulsory learning from the start of school in Year 7, with Spanish, Italian and Greek, also being widely taught at the school.

Godolphin and Latymer have fantastic facilities, such as the beautiful, converted performing arts centre in one of the old churches found on campus. There is an art studio with 3D printers and pottery facilities and also a modern sports hall and dance studio, both on campus. Overall, the school is an exceptional place for learning for girls progressing through the second half of their education, with many students even remaining at the school for the sixth form, before applying to university. 

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

St.Paul's Girls School

Street view of St. Paul's Girls School

Type: All-girls Private School

Years: 7-18

Location: Brook Green, London W6 7BS

Fees: £27,831

St. Paul’s is one of the best all-girls schools in the country, consistently ranking amongst the top schools nationwide, whilst having a very high acceptance rate into the elite universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The school is quite simply, one of the most outstanding places for learning in London, delivering the kind of high-quality education and development that any parent would want for their daughter!

One of the key parts of the curriculum at the school and, one of the reasons it excels so much as an educator, is the number of in-house programs it runs parallel to the main syllabus, offering pupils something a bit different to most schools. The Langauge Discovery course, is one such program, offering students in the early years a taster of several foreign languages to experience learning before selecting two for further study in the later years. Its approaches like this that ensure St. Paul’s consistently delivers an engaging and immersive style of learning that pushes all pupils to explore their learning potential.

The School has many impressive facilities with a purpose-built art and design studio nearing completion. There are numerous specialist teaching rooms and laboratories all fully equipped for modern learning. The school also has a beautiful Garden Building for horticultural learning and a theatre on campus. St. Paul’s is one of the best schools a young girl could hope to attend in the entire country and offers a standard of education that few schools anywhere else could hope to match!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

St.Augustine's Priory

Grounds of St.Augstine's Priory

Type: All-girls Private School

Years: 3-18

Location: Hillcrest Rd, London W5 2JL

Fees: £12,672 – £16,974 (depending on age) annually 

St Augustine’s Priory is a wonderful girls’ school located in the beautiful district of Ealing in West London. Among the many fine Victorian-era buildings, parks and gardens, you will find a school that is every bit as lovely as the area it resides in. Founded as a Catholic faith school in 1634, St. Augustine’s today is a warm and welcoming educator, that is open to people of all denominations and backgrounds.

On a beautiful 13-acre estate, which even includes apple orchards and gardens, girls are given a comfortable and quiet space to learn. There is a distinct, almost countryside feel to the school, although the school’s past is easily visible from the many wonderful arches and windows which reflect its former past as a Church institute. There are a handful of beautiful sports fields and playing pitches which are expertly maintained to ensure that the sports teams the school fields compete at the highest levels

St. Augustine’s believes in having smaller-sized classes to maintain a good ratio between students and teachers in every lesson. With smaller classes comes more contact time between teachers and students, enhancing the learning experience and encouraging more communication and development from each pupil. Despite the school’s age, facilities are well equipped for modern learning, whilst there is a broad range of subjects available for study, reviews for the level of teaching at the school have been consistently high in recent years.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

The London Oratory School

Entrance to The London Oratory School

Type: All-boys State School

Years:  7 – 18

Location: Seagrave Road, London, SW6 1RX

Fees:  None (state-funded)

The London Oratory School is a fantastic all-boys school in West London. Whilst it may be internationally recognised for its connection to the London Oratory (an impressive Catholic choir known for its Latin Mass), it is every bit a modern and sophisticated school, that is open to pupils of all faiths and backgrounds. 

For years, education at the school has consistently been reviewed by the government education review body OFSTED, as Outstanding (their highest mark). Whilst the school does place a strong emphasis on faith, learning always comes first, resulting in boys at any age receiving only the very best education at the school. Music, however, does form a massive part of not only the school curriculum but also, the school selection criteria. The London Oratory School is well known for its preference for musically talented applicants so, if your child shows any talent in this field, they’ll certainly realise their potential at this school!

With impressive facilities and such a strong school identity, it is incredible to think that the London Oratory School is state-funded and free of any school fees. The school has widened its catchment area in recent years, now accepting admissions from across most of Hammersmith and Fulham, potentially even further for the right applicants! There is fierce competition for places and as we mentioned, musical ability is a preference for those wishing to attend the school but make no mistake, the London Oratory School is one of the most prestigious and recognised schools in the city.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Twyford C.O.E School

Main building of Twyford C.O.E School

Type: Co-ed Secondary School

Years: 11-18 

Location: Twyford Crescent, Acton, London, W3 9PP

Fees: None (state-funded)

Twyford is an impressive state-funded school in West London with some fantastic reviews by education authorities in recent years. With more than 1000 pupils in attendance, any school which received the prestigious OFSTED rating of ‘Outstanding’ has to be doing a very good job to deliver such a highly rated education to so many students! Students are able to study from the start of secondary school up to Sixth Form, it offers a consistent, quality standard of learning for all those who attend.

One of the most highly-rated departments at the school is the music department. As more than 20 ensembles performing at the school, some of which have even received national attention and recognition by featuring on television and performing in other media, Twyford has a strong performing presence amongst schools in London. Languages are also highly taught at Twyford, with compulsory learning of a second language for all pupils from when they start, with additional languages like Latin and German offered to able learners from the start of Year 8.

On top of its incredibly high standard of education, Twyford also offers some fantastic field trips to broaden and enhance pupils learning at the school, including trips to Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. The school has an impressive campus with excellent facilities and staff to cater to its large body of students. It is an exceptional school, even by London standards, ideal for sending children of any age and ability to receive an excellent education.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Lady Margaret Primary School

Playground and garden of Lady Margaret Primary School

Type: Co-ed Primary School

Years: 4 – 11


Location: Lady Margaret Rd, Southall UB1 2NH


Fees: None (state-funded)

Lady Margaret Primary is a great school for young children who are just entering education. Located in the leafy-green and beautiful district of Ealing, Lady Margaret Primary offers a safe, comfortable place for children to learn, during the formative years of their education. With a curriculum and teaching style that aims to be open, progressive and with a strong focus on literature, the school is the perfect environment for young children to start off learning.

There is a warm approach from staff towards learning at Lady Margaret Primary. As much emphasis is placed on fully studying and following the curriculum as it is on encouraging the children to grow and explore in other ways. Interacting with the outdoors and learning about nature is heavily encouraged, with a hen house on the school grounds often playing host for the children to visit whenever new chicks have hatched! Other subject-focused learning, includes a brilliant computer module which aims to give pupils all the skills and knowledge they need to safely and competitively use modern technology, from an early age.

Lady Margaret Primary is a fantastic school to start your child off on the learning path. The school has excellent reviews, both from parents and, education authorities. It offers a wonderful alternative to the many private primary schools in the West London area, although, competition for places is high within the catchment area that the school accepts admissions!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Belmont Primary School

Playground of Belmont Primary School

Type: Co-ed Primary School           

Years: 3 – 11

Location: 1 Springbridge Road, Ealing Broadway, W5 2AA

Fees: None (state-funded)

Christ The Saviour is a brilliant Church Of England school founded in the middle of the 19th century. Like the rest of Ealing where the school is located, it has a distinctly Victorian aesthetic, with many of the school’s buildings originating from that period and despite the many redevelopments and improvements made to the school since it was first combined with the local girl’s school in 1926. Christ The Saviour school was given a strong foundation from its backing by the church in its earliest years but today, education and the curriculum at the school are very well balanced and, very much in tune with modern learning.

The school employs specialist teachers for some subjects, including physical education, history, languages such as French, as well as art and music. Computer skills and digital education are taught to all the early years pupils, utilising the school’s impressive range of devices from tablets to chrome books, as well as sensory and educational toys and devices as well. There are even two very popular clubs at the school dedicated to computer coding and programming that are run every week!

Facilities at Christ The Saviour School include a wonderful herb garden, a library, a sports hall as well as the main hall and a beautiful chapel. The staff at the school work incredibly hard to ensure that all pupils get the most out of their education, always encouraging pupils to learn more whether it is in class or taking part in school clubs, or independently at home. It is a wonderful school for young children to attend and begin their journey through education whilst living in West London!

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Type: Co-ed Primary School


Years: 3-11


Location: Belmont Road, London, W4 5UL


Fees: None (state-funded)

Belmont Primary is a fantastic school for young children in the first part of their education. Located in the beautiful green suburbs of Chiswick, Belmont Primary is one of the most desirable state-primary schools in West London, with fantastic reviews amongst parents and education authorities. 

With the option to start at the school a year earlier in the nursery department, Belmont Primary aims to deliver a strong foundation for learning in its students from as early as possible. There is a broad curriculum which is supplemented by some more vocational learning opportunities at the Forest School and Kitchen Garden. Both of these offer opportunities for outdoor learning and a break-up of the typical school routine and class structure, as well as encouraging pupils to learn more and explore, outdoors

On top of its outdoor learning, the school has some excellent facilities and staff, for teaching. Staff encourage the pupils to develop their own ideas and management skills across all subjects, including for fundraising locally, leaving it very much up to pupils how these activities pan out. There is a real emphasis on developing a child’s individual potential at Belmont Primary, instilling children with the regressive values and self-determination, that the school wishes to see in all its pupils to prepare them for further education and life.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Christ The Saviour Primary

Sports court at Christ The Saviour Primary

St.James' Prep & Nursery School

Playground view of St.James' Prep and Primary School

Type: Co-ed Private Primary school

Years: 3 to 11

Location: Earsby Street, London, W14 8SH

Fees: £19,330 annually

In the beautiful, leafy-green suburbs of West Kensington, there are many fantastic options for your children’s schooling. St. James’s Prep and Nursery School is an excellent first school for children to explore their full learning potential. The school has an excellent record for students transitioning to prominent destination schools in London, such as Latymer, The American School and Hampton School, to name but a few.

One of the most notable features of the school is its focus on outdoor education, partnering with the local council to develop outdoor learning at sites in Gunenrsbry Park and, Marcus Garvey Park which is just outside the school’s front door! The school is very eco-friendly and extremely environmentally conscious, with students encouraged to learn more about better ways to protect the planet. Aside from this, the curriculum at St. James’s offers a broad range of well-taught subjects, from core requirements such as English, Maths and Science, to more niche subjects such as Philosophy and even Sanskrit!

The school makes the most of both the well-equipped gym and courts on-site, as well as utilising local facilities nearby, such as the fantastic swimming pools at Fulham Pools. The IT and computer facilities at St.James’s are brilliant, with pupils receiving instruction in how to use the latest technology (the right way) from as young as four! Overall, the school has a tremendous learning ethos, offering plenty of options for study and development to its pupils from a very young age, which is just one of many factors that contribute to St.James’s status as a fantastic starting point for a child’s education.

To find out more information about the school, including fees and admissions, you can find everything else you might need to know on their website.

Other Fantastic Schools In London

There are many other schools to potentially send your children to in London but we hope this list has provided you with some valuable guidance on education options you might find in the city

Small child learning in a young classroom

For more schools in other areas of London, you might want to have a look at some of our other guides for schools in London or, try looking at other helpful links such as The Good Schools Guide, for even more education options for your future move to London!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to find fantastic places to live in West London, then why not look at our guide to living in West London or alternatively, start browsing our list of incredible properties to move into right now!

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